Friday, February 12, 2010

Inside Looking Out

I was listening to the radio and heard "Inside Looking Out" by the Animals... which reminded me of the Grand Funk cover of the song (my favorite version)... well a little searching found this set...

Inside Looking Out - The Animals - (1966).mp3
Inside Looking Out - The Woodpeckers - (1966).mp3
Inside Looking Out - Grand Funk Railroad - (1969).mp3
Inside Looking Out - The Fleshtones - (19xx).mp3
Inside Looking Out - Grand Funk Railroad - (1999 Live).mp3
Inside Looking Out - The Greenhornes - (2001).mp3


Tanja said...

The version by The Woodpeckers is from 1966. It is a live recording from the "Copenhagen rock championships 1966".

metal-muncher said...

Thanx Muchly.....

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