Sunday, February 10, 2008

Jolly Cholly's anyone

Here are some pics from that fun North Attleboro park...

       (click the picture)

Some of these pics are from New England Amusement Parks of Yesterday .   Check it out there are more pics there! (if the page is still up).


Kim Stagliano said...

Well, now I'm just crying. We LOVED Jolly Cholly's and then dinner at the exotic "Hulu's" next door. Sniff!

Dan Bavaro said...

Not that I mind sharing photos of Jolly Cholly's from my website. But the least you could do is put a credit on where you got them.
-Dan Bavaro
Webmaster of New England Amusement Parks of Yesterday.

metal-muncher said...

Thank you for bringing that to my attention Dan. Proper credit has been given.